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Hey guys,

I'm selling a brand new, authentic Reborn Vongole tote bag (still has the tag attached), which is highly sought, please feel free to have a look under the cut if you're interest <33

~ Reborn Official Merchandise ~Collapse )

I'm also selling various skincare and cosmetics products~

~ Skincare & Cosmetic products for sale ~Collapse )

I'll ship to most countries, please leave a comment to tell me which country you're in and the products you want, I'll work out the postage cost for you =3

Please pay with Paypal =3

More products and pictures will be added later..

Thanks for looking <33
21 May 2012 @ 08:40 pm
Happy Birthday to my dear Gillie, stargate27 ! :3

Hope your birthday wishes will come true!

May this year bring you more happiness, good health, luck and success than ever before!

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, my dear xxx

Much love, from Haru, K-kun and PanPan :3 *huggles*
06 June 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Hey everyone orz

I fancied a change in my LJ layout and I've completely messed it up orz||||  I tried to change the colours around but now this weird colour combination is very hard to read... no idea how to use the CSS script thing either orz|||

Help orz||||||
Hi guys :3

I'm selling some made-to-order Teru Teru Bozu crochet (amigurumi) dolls.

*What is Teru Teru Bozu (てるてる坊主) ?*
They are small handmade dolls hung on the window to wish for good weather. It's a Japanese tradition to use these amulets to bring sunny weather or prevent a rainy day, especially before a day out. Visit the Wikipedia page for more details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teru_teru_bozu

They're around 7cm tall. You can customise your doll by adding accessories, such as a bow of colour of your choice!

Colours of bows available: red, orange, light yellow, light green, green, light blue, blue, turquoise, multi-coloured!

*COMING SOON* Customise your Teru Teru Bozu with ears! :3

Become a proud owner of your unique doll for only GBP£2.99!
Make yours truly unique by adding accessories, for only GBP£0.50 per customisation!

I accept PayPal.
Please leave a message if you're interested, I will ship internationally :3
Let me know which country you're in and I'll work out the shipping fee for you.

Your Teru Teru Bozu will brighten your day, rain or shine :3

Thanks for looking :3

My sales blog: http://haruharuminishop.blogspot.com/
Hey guys

I came across this post on the help_japan  comm where we can offer commissioned fanfics in the form of an auction, with funds raised going towards helping Japan in the earthquake/tsunami/now potential nuclear complications. The funds will be in US dollars, as outlined on the help_japan  comm. The auction is held between now and Saturday 26th March.

Would anyone be interested in making donations to the Red Cross for a fic?

I'm happy to write a oneshot for Hotsuma x Shusei (Uraboku), up to 2000 words, happy ending (we don't need more angst right now!), smut or not. Starting bid around USD10.

You can find the fics I've written on fanfiction.net. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2498327/Haru_megane

The winning bidder will make the donations directly to the charity. You can find more details about the offering on the help_japan  comm here:

Offering Words (main post)

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks everyone.

God bless Japan.

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